Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Supplies needed

  • 8½" square cut 8½" fabric squares
  • 10½" square true-up purposely oversize blocks into 10½" blocks
  • Optional 8½" rectangular ruler (8½" x a minimum of 18") to efficiently cut two identical squares at a time from 1/2 yard of fabric. As pictured above, center a long 8½"-wide ruler on a particular stripe after marking the centering line on the ruler. Cut on both long edges of the ruler. Cross cut 2 squares. Even a fabric of jumbled stripes will work with spectacular results.
  • Permanent marker such as a medium point Sharpie to mark the unprinted side of a ruler (removable with alcohol or nail polish remover; test first)
  • Sewing machine, spray starch, steam iron for fusing, rotary cutter and mat
  • Directional fabric: unwashed and unstarched (yay) to preserve alignment of stripes